Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your interest in supporting the dream and dedication of Harry Lawrence as the LBBC continues to focus on keeping Laguna clean, pristine and beautiful.

We’re thankful that you appreciate and are interested in preserving the uniquenesses of Laguna Beach, from the ocean and cliff scenics to cottage gardens, beautiful commercial landscapes and the breathtaking Laguna Canyon. Regular contributions over the years have helped us spotlight Laguna Beach’s natural attributes in the past, in the present, and into the future as our community grows and flourishes.

Thank you, again, for helping us protect and further beautify Laguna Beach.

Membership and contributions are tax deductible. LBBC is a Not For Profit 501c3 entity.

Federal EIN# 26-3699700

State Entity # C3164935

Prefer to send a check? Please send it to:

Laguna Beach Beautification Council

PO Box. 4044

Laguna Beach, CA.  92652

949- 422-7977