About The Laguna Beach Beautification Council

HarryThe Laguna Beach Beautification Council was founded in 1952 by Harry Lawrence, “Mr. Laguna,” who devoted his life to beautifying Laguna Beach.

His first project was a large one – the first real clean up of Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road – with removal of scrub and weeds, consistent curbing, and planting of native plants, trees and succulents. He called in the Marines and the Laguna Rotary Club for assistance, and their committed work still shows today in Laguna’s gorgeous landscaping.

From that point, Harry’s projects simply “flowered” throughout Laguna Beach, and we continue to support and implement projects that enhance the natural beauty of Laguna.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is to maintain and enhance natural beauty and cleanliness within Laguna Beach, and to specifically encourage and promote beautification projects pertaining to streets, parks, the shoreline, and residential and commercial buildings through education and community involvement.

With our only goal to inspire beauty that benefits the community, we …

  • Encourage and promote partnerships of residents, businesses, organizations and city governments in improving aesthetics in our community.
  • Coordinate projects and efforts to enhance the beauty of Laguna Beach.
  • Are involved in local government issues and projects to beautify Laguna Beach.
  • Educate the community about Laguna Beach’s topography and how to enhance and protect it.
  • Advocate a high standard of cleanliness and beauty while maintaining our city’s quaint culture.

Our Projects

With more than 100 projects completed since its founding, the Laguna Beach Beautification Council (LBBC) continues to take on small and large projects throughout this immaculate resort town. Highlighted projects include:

  • Creation of Main Beach Park, fondly known as the “Window to the Sea.”
  • Beach End Beautifications – Brooks, Oak, Myrtle and Mountain.
  • Landscape plan and planting for Ocean Avenues, Forest Avenue and Broadway.
  • Restoration of Monument Park through a city grant.
  • Landscape upgrade for Lower Nyes Place and Park
  • Sister City promotion and park dedication

Awarding Our Community

beautification_logo_certificate_4_smSince 1967, the LBBC has been awarding residents and businesses Beautification Awards for their contributions in beautifying Laguna Beach.

The Harry Lawrence Star of Excellence Award was conceived in 2013 as a way to honor the memory of Harry, and to acknowledge a resident of business that has shown exceptional passion for the beautification of Laguna Beach.

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