Get involved in regular beautifying activities and events with the LBBC.

Beautify Laguna Beach with us!

Get involved in regular beautifying activities and events with the LBBC. (No worries – you don’t even have to possess a green thumb.)

Members’ individual  talents increase the LBBC’s value and encourages other talented, visionary people and organizations to join us in our ongoing mission. Members offer their expertise in the LBBC committees and have direct input on such important issues as city planning  and future beautification projects. Our members assist city committees and business groups and often work to support highly visible projects such as the  Sister City  Garden, Nyes Bridge Park or the upcoming Laguna Village Entrance.

Members often work and interface with community groups such as Village Laguna, The Laguna Canyon Road Task Force, the Historical Society, the Laguna College of Art and Design, and student organizations that, with the support of the Laguna Beach School District, actually become our future generation in ongoing beautification efforts.

As an LBBC member, there are special opportunities to socialize while raising funds for the beauty of Laguna Beach, including the yearly Gala and involvement in the Harry Lawrence scholarships offered by LBBC. In this way, LBBC members and friends have the opportunity to support our project efforts as well as individual students who want  to make a visible difference in the future and can benefit from the financial assistance.

Becoming a member means your talent and experience help continue the proud legacy of the Laguna Beach Beautification Council and it’s ongoing mission. Thank you for helping us keep the dream alive!

Membership and contributions are tax deductible. LBBC is a Not For Profit 501c3 entity.
Federal EIN# 26-3699700
State Entity # C3164935

Prefer to send a check? Please send payments to:
Laguna Beach Beautification Council
PO Box. 4044
Laguna Beach, CA.  92652
949- 422-7977

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